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This Retro Rewind Clip Will Make You Nostalgic For The Video Store Days

We live in pretty amazing times when it comes to consuming our entertainment. I mean, Netflix Instant? Movies and original shows at our finger tips? Amazon Prime? Hulu Plus? Vudu? Renting brand new movies via VOD services? But really, I miss the video stores.

Much in the way that going to see a movie in theaters is part of the communal experience, there was something special about just going to the video store, scanning the aisles at box covers for hours and finally deciding on what movie was going to be your pick for the weekend. That was it! You were stuck with it! For better or for worse!

Chris Stuckmann knows what I’m talking about. In the latest video from “Retro Rewind,” he and his wife take a drive out to Indiana to visit one of the last remaining Blockbuster Video stores. Yep, they’re not just a myth or legend anymore! There are a few still out there. And getting to walk these aisles one last time with Chris made me feel very, very nostalgic for the days of video rentals. Have a look for yourself.

You can head over and check out other videos including reviews, other Retro Rewind segments and much more over on his You Tube page right here.

*Special thanks to Adam Barnick for pointing this video out to us!