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THE FINAL CHAPTER: When Horror Franchises Call It Quits

On this week’s Killer POV episode, aptly titled “The Final Chapter,” we delved into a discussion about the final films in various horror franchises. What constitutes the “final” film? FRIDAY THE 13th, for example, is a curious beast. Technically, they named Part 4 “THE FINAL CHAPTER.” But that was followed up by “A NEW BEGINNING.” And then the 9th film in the series was titled JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY. It’s got final right there in the title! Again! But technically, JASON X is the last one. On our podcast discussion, we decided that we would exclude remakes, reboots or versus movies. So here’s a handful of final franchise films. And the question for all of these is, did they properly close out their respective series in a satisfactory way? Let’s find out!