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Talkin’ Tracks – Here Are Our Record Store Day 2016 Picks!

April 16th probably would not mean a lot to non-soundtrack and especially non-vinyl fans out there. However, like many of you, I will be braving the elements and joining what will no doubt seem like a never ending queue to pick up my selections from those on offer for RECORD STORE DAY 2016.

The following are my soundtrack picks for RSD 2016.


Requiem For A Dream
Coming through NONESUCH and limited to 5000 copies, this raced to the top of my RSD wants list after the postponement of SILVA SCREEN’S – THE NINTH GATE. This has probably been the most anticipated of all of MANSELL’S scores to hit vinyl and I know this will be high on a lot of peoples wants list.

An audiophile-quality vinyl reissue of CLINT MANSELL’S critically-acclaimed and best-selling score for the classic 2000 DARREN ARONOFSKY film REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, featuring two never-before-released bonus tracks and the breakout “Lux Aeterna,” performed by the KRONOS QUARTET. This Record Store Day release features two 180 gram LPs, remastered with bonus tracks in an old-style gatefold jacket with two page color insert and download card.


A non-horror score from the GOBLIN chaps but still utterly essential if you are a fan of the band’s funky/jazzy side. Until now only available on CD and even now limited to only 1000 copies so do check and see if your local store is carrying it.

This Record Store Day release is the first vinyl edition of this cult Goblin classic, pressed on WHITE colored wax and includes a previously unreleased bonus track. Goblin’s soundtrack, here in a 4-piece configuration (Simonetti/Morante/ Pignatelli/ Marangolo) came immediately after the recording of “SUSPERIA” and keyboardist Guarini’s resignation. LA VIA DELLA DROGA comes out on AMS Records for Record Store Day 2016. With new artwork and a poster attached with reproductions of flyers and lobby cards of the film. The vinyl also carries tracks that have not yet seen the light of day outside of the movie, for a total of over 34 cuts! In a few words: the most complete version ever released of this hidden gem.


It could be that as a Brit, DR WHO was the first ever sci-fi/cult hero I came across as a youngster, or it could simply be that DR WHO is a major badass! Either way my childhood would not be complete without a tip of the hat to The Dr. In fact one of the first vinyl singles I ever had was the theme to the TV show. What SILVA SCREEN has on offer here are the scores to both of The Doctors cinematic outings, coming in 1965 and 1966 respectively.

Never before released on vinyl, are these two lovingly restored soundtracks to the only big screen Doctor Who films ever made – the 1965 release DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS and 1966 DALEKS: INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D.

The music was composed by MALCOM LOCKYER for DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS and BILL MCGUFFIE for DALEKS: INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D. with sections enhanced by electronic sounds created by BARRY GREY, famed for his work with GERRY ANDERSON. The album also includes contemporary single releases and a gatefold sleeve featuring memorabilia, including the original poster artwork and detailed production notes. Limited to 750 copies, pressed on yellow vinyl.


Dark Shadows
DARK SHADOWS sadly didn’t come into my life until shortly before the TIM BURTON movie, once there though it was hard not to fall in love with the campy gothic horror unfolding before my eyes. To say I’m thrilled about this record being re released would be an understatement. If you’ve never heard the score for DARK SHADOWS before please stop reading this article and check it out now.

It is the perfect soundtrack for a stormy night or a decadent funeral!

Record Store Day celebrates the 50th anniversary of Dark Shadows with this special release, complete with the original poster from the 1966 album, and pressed on purple 180g vinyl. Take a trip back to Collinwood Mansion and enjoy “Quentin’s Theme” while you are there. Believe it or not this album remains one of Billboard’s Top 10 selling television soundtracks of all time. The album is limited to 3000 copies, released through VARESE SARABANDE.


The Guest
After Death Waltz released the score by Steve Moore for THE GUEST, it was only a matter of time before someone else released the rather superb soundtrack. Lucky for us the wait has not been too long. The score, as fantastic as it is was, is only half of what really made me fall in love with THE GUEST. The music in the film plays such a huge role and can now be enjoyed time and time again.

This Record Store Day release is the soundtrack for the 2014 suspense film directed by Adam Wingard (You’re Next), featuring tracks from Clan of Xymox, The Sisters of Mercy and Love and Rockets on 2 LPs of purple vinyl. Each jacket is numbered and includes a download card. Limited to 2000 copies.


71443AI01r0_Skeleton copy
Last but by no means least is the spooktacular ‘THE SKELETON DANCE’ possibly the most famous ‘Halloween’ themed animation ever made. A part of DISNEY’S ‘Silly Symphony Collection’ and a must have for the discerning Halloween/vinyl fan.

Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony short films were a series of 75 shorts produced by Walt Disney Productions from 1929 to 1939. These shorts were a workshop for experimentation in the animation process. They also provided a venue to try out techniques and technologies that would eventually be used in feature-length animated films. This limited edition Record Store Day 10” vinyl single features “The Skeleton Dance” on the A side and “Three Little Pigs” on the B side, two of the most popular and most revered of the Silly Symphony Collection. Time to play a Record Store Day record for the little ones. Limited to 2500 copies.

With RECORD STORE DAY happening on both sides of the pond, I’ve tried to make my selections eligible for everyone. My advice though is this; if you see something on the list and you think it might not be available in your region, search around online for an RSD buddy. I’ve had great success doing just that in the past. Also if you are out there braving the weather and crowds, be nice to each other. At the end of the day a record isn’t worth arguing over. -TG

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