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Check Out This Supercut Of Remakes Vs Originals, Side By Side

Ah, to remake or not to remake. Sadly this isn’t a dilemma for us to decide. Original stories have been reinterpreted since the beginning of film and will continue to be redone.

But it’s always interesting to compare and contrast between different takes on the same material. Vimeo user Jaume R. Lloret thought the same thing and put together this fascinating supercut of original films, showcased here side-by-side with their remake counterparts to show two version of the same shot. You’ll spot plenty of genre movies, such as PSYCHO, THE FLY, THE OMEN, EVIL DEAD, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and so on an so forth. Have a look.

I’m not going to lie. A lot of these just make me appreciate the original films so much more. But isn’t this the point of film analysis? To compare and discuss why certain things work and others don’t?

Source: Slate