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5 Examples of REAL People with Actual Mutant Superpowers

When I was super young, I used to pretend I had super powers, imagining what it would be like if I could control the wind or suddenly burst into flames. My 4th grade gym class would never expect it! Sadly, my mutant superpowers did not develop, aside from a keen and rather pointless ability to rewind a cassette tape using only a pencil. Check out five people below who actually did develop some form of super powers.

Javier Botet (pictured in cover photo above)

Superpower: Hyperflexibilty

As horror fans, you are likely already familiar with Javier’s work even though you may not know it. Javier was born with a genetic condition known as Marfan Syndrome which causes the connective tissue in his body to be very limber. Though in some severe cases, it can cause death, in most people with the condition (like Javier), the syndrome just causes them to be very tall, thin, and highly flexible. Javier turned his unique ability to bend into a stagecraft as he has appeared numerous times on screen playing various creatures. Horror fans likely know his work as the emaciated zombie-creature in the Spanish film, REC. He was also used as the basis for the movements of the creature in the film MAMA. Though his work became highly digitized in the final film, just check out this super creepy movement screen test below featuring Javier!


Zamora the Torture King aka Tim Cridland

Superpower: Doesn’t feel pain.

Remember the Jim Rose Circus? Well, they were huge in the 1990s. They appeared at Lollapalooza and also on the popular X-FILES episode “Humbug”. Anyway, this guy used to be a member, preforming wild feats of torture on his own body. You know those badass moments in movies when someone gets punched and just looks at the guy un-phased like “what the fuck was that?” Yeah, Tim has that. Tim has been known to electrocute himself, drive nails into his body and sleep on them, fire-walk, and more. Tim was born with a genetic mutation making it so he does not experience pain like the rest of us do. He still feels touch and temperature, but pain does not register nearly as severe.


Liam Hoekstra

Superpower: Super strength.


Liam, who is still just a kid, was born with a genetic mutation in which his body does not produce the protein which inhibits muscle growth. So already at a young age, Liam has much bigger muscles and much less fat than his peers. The downside- he has to eat a lot more to keep his muscle-bound body moving.


Etienne Bottineau

Superpower: Sensing things from far away.

Beautiful detailed old merchant ship next to seagulls by sunset

In a time when most unusual human feats would get you burned as a witch (the 18th century), Etienne was known for being able to predict ships as they were arriving at port. He worked as a beacon keeper and could “sense” the ships long before they became visible on the horizon by detecting what he described as subtle changes in the atmosphere and air. The local townsfolk were highly doubtful and tested him over the course of a few days in 1760. He correctly predicted 109 out of 111 ships, and the two he missed changed course at the last minute.


Benedetto Supino
Superpower: Setting things on fire with his mind.


In 1982, young Benedetto Supino was sitting in a dentist’s office at age 10 when the comic book he was reading suddenly burst into flames. He told everyone that he had done this simply by thinking about it, but was quickly disregarded. Eventually after demonstrating his ability and igniting a small plastic toy his uncle was holding without touching it, his parents and others came to believe him. Soon everything in his parents’ house was burning- furniture, books, clothes, and rugs randomly caught fire. His parents sought the help of doctors and eventually turned to a parapsychologist who supposedly taught him to hone and control his ability. While he was a constant source of paranormal news reports in the mid 80s, Benedetto fell off the news map around end of the decade and has not been heard from since.