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5 Reasons to Watch THE INVITATION

This April is delivering a bunch of top-notch horror flicks to theaters, VOD, and DVD (check out our list here). And releasing today is Karyn Kusama’s THE INVITATION, a taut-little thriller about a group of friends gathering for the first time since an undefined tragedy. Check out 5 reasons below you should watch this movie asap.


Without revealing too much or doling out spoilers, I can say briefly that cults are involved in this horror movie. Cults are always unnerving, but this one is especially bizarre and chilling.

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Pushing Casting Boundaries

Remember the very validated hoopla that went down back during the Oscars about how Hollywood rarely casts non-caucasians in movies, aka #oscarssowhite? Yeah, this movie fights the hell out of that problem featuring two-mixed race couples, one of whom is homosexual! It’s about damn time! Go team diversity!

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From the Writers of CLASH OF THE TITANS and RIDE ALONG

Written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, THE INVITATION is great example of how good writers are able to tackle a wide range of topics and genres. In addition to the incredibly smart dialogue in THE INVITATION, the duo also penned RIDE ALONG 1 and 2, THE TUXEDO, CLASH OF THE TITANS, and many more hits. Writing abilities span endless genres, but we are happy to see the team in the horror world.



When you have just one location and not a whole lot of action or effects, acting becomes the main vehicle to carry the film. And it is amazing in THE INVITATION. Tammy Blanchard and Lindsay Burdge are intense!

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Smart Filmmaking on a Budget

When you watch THE INVITATION, the plot and acting pulls you in, and you soon forget about budgets, effects, etc. But step back for a moment and note that this entire film is pretty much a dozen actors in one location. And with just one location, you have to get smart about coverage, positions, blocking, etc. Kusama masks the filmmaking process allowing the audience to engage with the story without calling attention to the production’s size.

Check out THE INVITATION, now in theaters and on VOD.