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BABYMETAL Make Their U.S. Television Debut And Crush It!

Stephen Colbert’s introduction pretty much says it all…

“I’m not sure what I’m about to see… but I’m pretty excited about it!”

I’d first heard of BABYMETAL sometime last year when a friend forwarded me a live video of the band. It nearly broke my brain, because I could barely comprehend what I was witnessing. So, it’s a metal band, with 3 Japanese girls singing pure pop melodies while performing synchronized dance moves. You know what? Just watch their US debut on Stephen Colbert‘s show from earlier this week where they performed a single off their self titled first album, “Gimme Chocolate!!”

Their new album “Metal Resistance” has already hit stores and digital retailers back on April 1st. They also have another self-titled album from 2014 (which features the above song) worth checking out. You can keep tabs by “liking” their Facebook page right here!