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POLL: Who Do YOU Think Died On THE WALKING DEAD Finale?

That was a pretty dirty trick, THE WALKING DEAD! Or was it?

It’s been a few days since the shocking season 6 finale aired.  Shocking, partly because for the first time in the history of the show, the death of a major character was not spoiled on Twitter or social media hours before it had the chance to air on the West Coast. That’s because no one knows yet who met their maker at the hands of notorious villain Negan and his cherished barbed-wired baseball bat, Lucille. After a tense, extended episode and an amazing introduction to the character, courtesy of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s truly terrific performance, he lined up Rick’s crew on their knees, played a game of eenie meenie miney moe and picked his victim. We, the audience then cut to the point of view of the victim and watch as Negan beats us to death. Cut to black. We won’t know who it was until the series resumes in it’s 7th season come October.


Lots of fans were outraged. Some found it a compelling way to leave the season off on a cliffhanger. And others are still suffering the 7 stages of grief. One thing is true, we will continue to discuss, speculate and break down that final episode for the next 6 months until the show returns. But’s let’s look at the potentials and really analyze.


Spoilers follow: In the comic book version, this event took place in issue #100 of THE WALKING DEAD. It was writer/co-creator Robert Kirkman’s way of really shaking things up on the comic series to compel readers to go beyond the first 100 issues. And it worked. You can look up the panels in a google search or even find You Tube videos that animate them. In the comic books, it’s Glenn. The show has been known to deviate from the source material on several occasions, so will this be one of those cases? After the trick they pulled earlier in this same season with a horde of zombies falling on top of Glenn, would they be willing to play that card a second time and take it back?

Then there’s Daryl, the fan favorite and the only character that fans have promised will riot if he dies. If they wanted to do something drastically different from the comics, yet have the same emotional impact, this would be the ideal choice. Daryl’s mere existence in the show has inadvertently complicated the introduction of other celebrated comic characters. Tyreese being the prime example. With Daryl already firmly placed as Rick’s right hand man, any other characters from the comics that held this position don’t have much to do when they get their live action incarnation. Here’s the thing – AMC wants THE WALKING DEAD to go on forever and ever. Would they be ballsy enough to kill off Glenn or Daryl, two of their most beloved characters?

That leaves these other potentials – Abraham, Eugene, Aaron, Maggie, Carl, Rick and Michonne. I’ll eliminate Rick, Carl, Sasha, Rosita and Maggie. In the comics, Abraham’s demise ended up being reserved for Denise. So that definitely makes him a prime candidate for this more honorable death. The episode hinted greatly at the possibility of it being Eugene, but if it were him or Aaron, I don’t feel they’d be fulfilling their promise of a “major beloved character” and their death “changing everything.”

Are there hints sprinkled in that finale episode? More than likely. Pop Sugar has a great theory about how many times we’ve seen the POV shot of one of the captive characters during the course of that episode. Is there something in one of those that would give it away?

Let’s open up the polls to you guys. Based on all the above evidence and what we saw in the season finale, who do you think will be revealed in the opening of Season 7 as Negan’s victim? Vote below!


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