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First Image from Guillermo Del Toro’s Netflix Series TROLLHUNTERS!

This morning, Dreamworks released the first shot from Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming Netflix series, TROLLHUNTERS. Due out later this year, the series is set in a suburb where residents discover a wild, fantasy world thriving under their town. Del Toro has stated that he was drawn to this project because it was geared towards kids yet scary, no doubt utilizing his strong penchant for fairy-tale like stories and settings. Check out the synopsis below (from press release):

“Guillermo del Toro’s work as a director, screenwriter, filmmaker, producer and author is incredibly extensive and varied, ranging from novels to comic books and television to imaginative feature films. Throughout his career, he has consistently had a strong connection and lifelong fascination with fantastical creatures and in DreamWorks TROLLHUNTER he has created vast and vibrant worlds with complex human and troll characters that create a cinematic television experience.”