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Does This Japanese Kleenex Commercial Contain a Deadly Curse?

The following 30-second spot for Kleenex tissues, which apparently aired on Japanese television in the mid-1980s, doesn’t appear to depict anything more than an oddball scene of a woman dressed in white playing with an annoyed red-painted baby while a sugary tune plays in the background.

But some people are convinced this commercial is haunted — and may be connected to multiple deaths.

After a fuzzy recording of the ad was posted to YouTube on May 23, 2006, more than one individual has reported experiencing frightening phenomena when the clip was played at the stroke of Midnight.

One such viewer maintains the paranormal YouTube channel Shrouded Hand, and used their phone camera to record the video off a TV monitor during playback at 12:00 am… and this is what they posted on March 25, 2006:

Here are the known facts: the spot was one of three Kleenex ads produced for Japanese TV in 1986; the woman in the video is actress Keiko Matsuzaka; and the strange-looking baby is (intentionally) dressed as a demon from Japanese mythology. But that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning out a particularly chilling urban legend.

Theories have spread like wildfire across social media, with some people claiming the actress, the baby, and many of the production team died shortly after appearing in the ad (Matsuzaka is still alive and working today, but I’m not sure about the others), and that the song playing in the background is an old German curse (it’s actually the song “It’s a Fine Day,” written by Edward Barton and sung by Jane Lancaster). Some even say that watching the video at Midnight caused some viewers to go insane and/or commit suicide.


Regardless of the reality behind the myth, it’s still a pretty freaky ad… I mean, what the hell does a demon baby have to do with facial tissues? Is he supposed to represent a booger or something? That’s the real mystery here.