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Does This Footage Show a Giant Monster in the River Thames?

A new video clip which recently surfaced on YouTube has thousands of viewers baffled and monster-hunters around the world booking flights to London.

The footage below, which was shot from the Emirates Air Line cable car in Greenwich, across the Thames from London’s Millennium Dome, shows a massive dark shape rising briefly to the river’s murky surface before slipping out of sight again.

The mobile-phone video was uploaded to YouTube late last month by user Penn Plate, who theorizes the mysterious object might be a whale, or possibly “some weird submarine.” As of this writing, the post has amassed over half a million views.

Along with the expected trolls, cryptid enthusiasts and monster fans were also quick to comment on the clip — occasionally dropping the name of a certain alleged lake-dweller in Scotland, while others noted similarities to GODZILLA or the CLOVERFIELD monster.


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