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Why Are These Creepy Baby Heads Appearing All Over Denver?

We’ve got spooky babies all over the news lately… earlier today, we shared viral nanny-cam footage of an allegedly “possessed” toddler climbing out of his crib, and now it seems there are tiny baby-faces peeking out at passers-by all over the city of Denver.

Image Credit: KDVR News
Image Credit: KDVR News

As reported by Denver Fox affiliate KDVR, the tiny pink, purple and white plaster faces — which look like doll death masks — are popping up on curbs and buildings throughout the city… and they’ve got a lot of locals weirded out.


Some local business owners only discovered them on the outside of their establishments after others pointed them out: salon owner Pam Schwasinger considers them “a little disturbing,” but café proprietor Joseph Ramirez found them “cool” when they first appeared last summer, so he left them alone.

“I remember we were all texting each other, sending each other pictures like, ‘Who is this? Who did this?’” Ramirez told KDVR.

Image Credit: KDVR News
Image Credit: KDVR News

While some local artists claim they know the person behind this creepy guerilla art project, they say the person does not want to be identified, and no one has come forward yet with their identity.

“It keeps the conversation going,” Ramirez added. “I mean, that’s good art, isn’t it? Right on. Keep doing it, whoever you are.”

We totally agree.