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This Nanny-Cam Footage of a “Possessed Baby” is Freaky as Hell

Nothing gets the interwebs a-buzzin’ like creepy night-vision footage and little kids doing spooky things… so when the two are combined, just about everybody gets a case of the freakies.

That’s definitely the case with this video depicting a toddler named Connor, who is clearly distressed by something in the middle of the night. Pretty common behavior for someone his age… but it’s what he does next that’s truly bizarre. Check it:

Screaming in terror, Connor stands up, holding the rail of his crib… and then apparently climbs onto the rail to stand upright on it, balancing precariously on the narrow edge. Then it seems as if something invisible yanks him backward to the safety of his bed.

Since it was uploaded to the YouTube channel Chris and Keelan Chronicles, the clip has racked up millions of views — and about as many theories about what the hell’s going on here.

Some users suggested it’s part of a viral marketing scheme for a horror movie, while others noted that Connor might be perfectly capable of balancing on the crib railing — which, if you look closely, is just wide enough for his feet.


It would seem the second theory is probably the correct one: that same day, the same users posted another video of apparently the same room and child, but with a dramatically different outcome — in which the unfortunate toddler falls the other direction and hits the floor with a thud. Sorry, little dude.