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Need Some WALKING DEAD Levity? Listen To The Theme In Acapella!

Well, that was quite a season finale to THE WALKING DEAD last night, huh? Don’t worry, no spoilers!

For those of you still in shock, maybe this will help ease your woes. I present to you the fine gents from The Warp Zone, an acapella group consisting of Davis, Schroeder, Ryan, Fish (Brian) and Odom with music arranged by Ryan Tellez and music mixing by TJ Smith. They have a whole series of various reinterpretations of television theme songs sung in acapella. It’s really rather impressive! Listen to the following one of the number one zombie show in America!

I discovered these fine, dapper singers after marathoning the second season of DAREDEVIL on Netflix and searching for the main theme from the show afterward, effectively stumbling upon several other fun acapella versions of TV songs. While we’re at it, we might as well hit you with the DAREDEVIL one, because it’s my personal favorite.

You can find even more songs, sketches and behind the scenes videos via The Warp Zone You Tube page. Be sure to subscribe and have a look around!