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Five of the Most Valuable Horror Toys Ever Released

We talk a lot about horror toys here on Blumhouse, often shining the spotlight on the coolest releases from the past and the most exciting offerings headed our way in the near future. One thing we’ve come to realize is that what any given toy is worth really has nothing to do with how much we want to get our hands on it, but at the same time, we couldn’t help but wonder which horror toys are the most valuable to ever hit shelves. So, using eBay as our guide, we decided to find out.

Of course, just because someone wants a certain amount of money for a toy doesn’t mean it’s actually worth that much, so the first bit of criteria for our search was that we limited the listings to ones that actually sold. Aside from that, we wanted all of the toys profiled here to be official releases, rather than customs, and they also had to be individual toys as opposed to lots. The only other criteria is that we wanted to weed out things like high-end busts and sculptures, putting the focus entirely on, well, toys.

So without further delay, here are – according to recent eBay sales – five of the most valuable horror toys EVER released!

After running several different searches, we found the holy grail of horror collectibles in the form of this life-size Chucky doll, released by Sideshow Collectibles several years ago. Based on sequel SEED OF CHUCKY, the doll measures nearly three-feet tall and weighs just about twenty-pounds, and it was made using castings created for the real Chucky puppet used in the movie. Every little detail – right down to the “Made in Japan” stamp – was fully reproduced in high quality vinyl for the screen-accurate doll, which originally retailed for $599. But that original price seems like chump change compared to what one of these bad boys sold for on eBay back in February. The price one fan paid? A staggering $4,850!

In 2008, nearly a year before TRICK ‘R TREAT even came out – it sat on the shelf for a criminally long time – Sideshow Collectibles introduced the world to pint-sized villain/hero (depends on how you look at it!) Sam with this 15″ vinyl collectible. Dressed in his trademark footie pajamas, and featuring a removable mask and lollipop accessory, Sam was limited to just 5,000 pieces worldwide, but was originally up for grabs for a mere $59.99. It didn’t take long for the doll to sell out and, as promised, more were never produced, which has resulted in the toy becoming one of the most sought-after on the horror collector’s market. Over on eBay, one of the dolls sold just last month for $560, and you’d be lucky to find one for a penny less than that. Just goes to show how beloved Sam has already become.

Whenever a toy is pulled off the market, for whatever reason, it’s almost guaranteed that it will quickly become valuable, and that’s precisely what happened with Kenner’s 1979 ALIEN figure. As we profiled here in the past on Blumhouse, the controversial 18″ figure rose to infamy when parents deemed it too terrifying for their children to play with – the film, we must remind, was rated R – and Kenner was forced to pull it from shelves. In the decades since all the controversy, the toy has become the stuff of legend, and if you have one laying around in good condition, you’re sitting on somewhat of a goldmine. Just last week, one of them sold for $545 on eBay, and there’s currently one still in the box that’s listed for a whopping $2,199. Of course, it’s only actually worth that much if someone’s willing to pay that much!

Long before Funko came out and released an action figure set featuring Quint and the shark from JAWS, McFarlane Toys did much the same thing back in 2001. Released as part of the fourth series of their popular Movie Maniacs line, this collectible boxed set diorama recreated the terrifying scene wherein the shark (affectionately known as Bruce) attacks the Orca, and it came with a figure of poor Quint that could be placed inside Bruce’s nightmarish mouth. It’s the most valuable horror collectible in the Movie Maniacs line, as evidenced by the fact that one just sold on eBay for $300. Over on Amazon, you’ll find one for the same price – so maybe it’d be best to just stick with Funko’s aforementioned set!

Speaking of McFarlane, they brought Pumpkinhead to our toy shelves in the second series of the Movie Maniacs line, but it was the company SOTA Toys that really gave the ole vengeance demon the deluxe edition treatment. Released in 2006, this mega-scale Pumpkinhead figure fell under the Now Playing umbrella, and it’s the most sought-after collectible in that line. Measuring 18″ tall, the figure is a must for all fans of Stan Winston’s 1988 monster movie, though it won’t come cheap. If you’re looking for one in the box, you’re going to have to spend the $300 that one eBay user just did, though you can save a few bucks by tracking down the loose figure.

What’s the most valuable horror toy in your collection? Let us know!


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