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This Nightmare Robot Says She Will “Destroy Humans”

We’ve ventured recently into the “Uncanny Valley” with our story about an uncomfortably realistic robot named Nadine, but this latest bit of skin-crawling android weirdness is surely the next step toward the inevitable robot apocalypse.

At this year’s South By Southwest, Texas company Hanson Robotics unveiled “Sophia,” one of their many robotic creations. Capable of duplicating other people’s facial expressions, she’s considered by many to be the most human-like robot ever designed.

Image Credit: CNBC
Image Credit: CNBC

Sophia’s appearance was apparently based on a combination of actress Audrey Hepburn and the wife of company founder David Hanson, but with her exposed cranial works, she actually resembles the android Ava from Alex Garland’s film EX MACHINA… only far more terrifying.

Honestly, I’m just looking at this thing and wondering when it’s going to kill… and the fact that she seems to be attempting a little “joke” about mass genocide isn’t helping.

“Will you destroy humans?” Hanson asks Sophie in the clip below, quickly adding “Please say no.”

Her reply? “Okay, I will destroy humans.”

How much proof do you need?