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Blumhouse Asks: Who’s Your Favorite Zombie?

And now for something a little different. We here at Blumhouse love horror, and we love sharing our expertise with all of you, but we also want to give you a voice here at the site. That’s why we’re starting a new series called BLUMHOUSE ASKS, in which we ask you all a question on Facebook (you are following us on Facebook, right?) and then publish the most interesting, humorous, insightful or just plain badass answers you submit to us.

To start with we wanted to toss out a softball, so Blumhouse asked who your favorite zombie was, in any medium (movies, books, video games, you name it). Here’s what the Blumhouse fans had to say, along with a handful of staff picks so we can all share in the horrifying fun!


Poor Bub. Just as he was figuring out how to be human again, his new master was killed. Bub was proof that you could be a zombie and a gentle soul as well. ~ WITNEY SEIBOLD (Blumhouse Staff Pick)

This will probably be the most common answer, but I will go with Sherman Howard’s Bub, from DAY OF THE DEAD. Although I found running zombies to be the scariest (I would never outrun those), I think the classic Romero zombie is the best one. The fact that they hold some memories from what they’ve used to do before being zombies is very interesting and intriguing, and Bub is kind of the epitome of that. He has charisma, and some of the most memorable zombie-related scenes of all time. ~ DANIEL RODRIGUEZ

Such a hard one to answer. Bub. The original zombie is my fave. But the zombies in WORLD WAR Z are completely terrifying. ~ JESSIE LEDAWN



The shark-fighting zombie in Fulci’s ZOMBIE. After failing to rape/eat a nude scuba diver (!) this zombie spots the next best thing: a great white shark. The zombie manages a few bites before the shark rips its arm off and the zombie, uncharacteristically, runs (swims) for its (un)life. This is a ballsy move for the zombie, as well as for the actor: no special effects were used. That was a real stuntman fighting with a real shark. ~ ALYSE WAX (Blumhouse Staff Pick)


In George Romero’s living dead movies, the zombies are still influenced by their former, human nature. That’s why many of them still try to go to the mall, because they were zombies already. So you’ve got to give props to Big Daddy, the zombie in LAND OF THE DEAD whose human instincts were, apparently, to incite a rebellion. He becomes the first zombie to fight for his rights, inspiring the living dead and killing a bunch of soulless one-percenters in the process. ~ WILLIAM BIBBIANI (Blumhouse Staff Pick)


PONTYPOOL’s traffic reporter, Ken Loney, in the sunshine chopper. When he is trapped in the silo, beginning to turn, *shudder* just got chills thinking about it. Rick Roberts, the actor who was the voice of “Ken Loney” did an incredible job at portraying a man coming to grips with losing his sanity just by using his voice! ~ RANDALL S. MURPHY


I liked the African American lady zombie who was contained in the glass room in WORLD WAR Z. This was a believable interpretation: The eyes were mismatched, the jaw thrusted forward, the head shook slightly, the lighting pulled out the low lights, thus insinuating a presents of evil or possession. I felt like out of all the zombies I have seen this was the best because it was realistic enough to believe but shocking enough in appearance to be scary. ~ JANNA THOMPSON


The zombie that teared the brain of Christoper George with it’s own hand in Fulci’s CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD. That zombie don’t play around ~ RICHARD CABE


The girl, Louis, at the beginning of the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake. As soon as she dies, she reanimates. I remember how she leapt up and charged straight for Ana in the bathroom. Until then, I’d always preferred zombies that didn’t run. But that scene was absolute quality. ~ 13HORROR.COM



The very first zombie in the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The one in the cemetery, who kills Johnny and chases Barbara. He’s my favorite, because in the first moments of that film, he defines the genre. He also kicks of the scares in one of the rare, truly scary movies. ~ RICK KENT

The little girl zombie in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD! Scariest Romero zombie for sure, and he should know…. ~ SHANE COOL

Barbara from the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD I was thinking what happened to her is she becomes a zombie or she bean eaten alive ~ JONATHAN ORTEGA



Linea Quigley as Zombie Trash from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD! ~ ADAM LAWSON

Tar zombie from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD… the turn followed by that line “MORE BRAINS” kills me every fucking time. Either him or Fido. ~ JOELYN DORMADY

Omg that’s my favorite Zombie movie of all time. The Tar guy still gives me the creeps. My dog always reacts when the Zombies say “Bbbrrrrraaaaiiinnssssss” so I call him Fish Brain. Lol ~ JAMIE CAMPBELL

The freezer cadaver and sliced disected dog from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD! ~ EARL SMITH


Going to sound lame but Julie from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3.. I had such a huge girl crush on her lol. ~ CLAIRE SUMMERS


Travis Betz THE DEAD INSIDE. A Zombie Musical that is SO much more. I laughed, I cried, I sang. A unique take on what it means to be human and the thin line that separates the living from the dead. ~ KARIE MILLIGAN DONAHUE-HOULE


I gotta say the most terrifying depiction of Zombies I’ve encountered has to be in Johnathan Mayberry’s book DEAD OF NIGHT. The infection was designed to keep the infected person conscious of their actions the entire time they are a Zombie, having to watch in horror as they see their hands digging into the flesh of their loved ones, watch as they feast upon their innards, completely helpless. ~ JOSHUA HEIL

More people need to know about Jonathon Maberry! I’m just glad I’m not alone. ~ JESSICA PATON

His attention to detail and efforts to make his fiction as reality based as is feasible is brilliant! ~ JOSHUA HEIL


The fucking crazy tall overpowered night terror zombies in the game DYING LIGHT. ~ NOAH HOLLINGSWORTH


The mannequins in SHOCK LABYRINTH 3D. With no certain features. It really gave the sense of a padded room ~ TRISTAN DENHAM



When Michael Jackson played a zombie in THRILLER.. for that time period the make up and special wffects were pretty good.. other than that i do not follow zombies too much in films.. ~ MEGAN HASSLER


The ones in RE-ANIMATOR ! The dr carrying his head and then going down on that one chick ! Fucking love that movie ! ~ MATTHEW CORY CUNNINGHAM


My favorite undead must be The Rugaru.It can take the form of a human,you can see its real face in the mirror. It feeds on the hormon of fear,The Rugaru has a spike on his wrist that comes out only when its feeding.(What bettee way to die than a spike in your brain :D) ~ Станислав Бранимиров



Bill Murray, pretending to be a zombie, in ZOMBIELAND. ~ LIAM MCCORMICK

For me, it is a tie between Rob Zombie and Bill Murray playing a zombie in ZOMBIELAND. ~ SCOTT TAYLOR


My favorite zombie is the one that comes rasping on my door at 217am every night. His cold breathe and scaly, oily stench that wakes me from my slumber. His gutteral howls echo in my head as his flesh falls away from the incescent scraps at the screen. I rise and run to greet him, only to see his shadow as he retreats into the dark, or was that a raccoon? ~ BEN FOUSHEE