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Love With A Corpse: 5 Bizarre Real-Life Cases of Necrophilia

*Necrophilia: Sexual intercourse with or attraction towards corpses.

I have a somewhat unorthodox annual tradition where I like to stay in Bed & Breakfast Victorian mansions in obscure locations across the United States. Back in 2013, I enjoyed a gloomy visit to the Vrooman Mansion in Bloomington, IL. My train back to Chicago was stopped in the city of Joliet due to a snowstorm. I couldn’t help but overhear the prying whispers that traveled among the passengers about the abnormal occurrence that had just taken place in this otherwise normal town involving young teen Alisa Massaro — a supposed necrophiliac.

“They had a threesome on top of their dead friends,” said a woman on the platform. “The police found them playing video games on top of the bodies when they showed up.”

This event sparked my curiosity as to not only why, but how people commit these atrocious crimes. After doing a bit of research, I uncovered several similar necrophilia cases throughout the country. The following is a list of some of the most shocking and unconventional cases on record.