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Is the Entrance to Hell Located in Kansas?

Stull, Kansas is a quaint and quiet little village. However, within its boundaries is a small cemetery and old church foundation (originally built in 1867) which is rumored to be a gateway to hell. The cemetery is still there but the church has long been reduced to just a foundation and a pile of rocks. As the legend goes, somewhere hidden in those piles of rocks is a staircase straight to hell. The stairs are sealed with magic which can only be opened during the Spring Equinox. But beware if you venture down there because the trip is definitely one-way.


Many claim the Stull cemetery to be an epicenter for evil and that the church was deliberately built on this spot to cover over the gateway. After the church closed, it served as an undercover place of worship for witches and Satanists. Decades before that, it was rumored that the trees on the church’s grounds were used to hang witches. One tree growing through a tombstone is said to have been the main tree that was used for these evil hangings.


Folks who have visited the cemetery on Halloween night have reported very strange occurrences. Some claim to have lost time, and those full-hearty enough to spend the night on the grounds heard the sounds of apparitions moving about in the darkness. Others believed that they had seen the Devil lurking about, claiming he comes out every Halloween to visit the grave of a witch with whom he had fathered a child.

The church was knocked down 2002. However, it was done so without the knowledge of the people who actually owned the land the church resided on. In fact, no one knows who actually bulldozed the church. The cemetery is closed to the public and placed under guarded watch during Halloween. Local law enforcement have made it clear that they will arrest anyone who trespasses on the grounds, which also comes with a $1,000 fine and 6 months in jail. If you’d like to see a version cemetery for yourself without getting arrested, check out season five episode 22 of SUPERNATURAL as this episode uses the cemetery and legend as a backdrop.