The 13th Floor

Infamous Los Angeles Los Feliz Murder House Now For Sale!

This house is a staple on tours of Los Angeles, and for decades ghost hunters have circled the premises hoping to hear a faint scream or catch sight of a ghostly apparition. Most locals know it lovingly as The Los Feliz Murder House. Even I have driven visiting family members past this Spanish 3-story home while spinning tales of the residence’s grisly and sinister past.

Located at Glendower Place in the LA neighborhood of Los Feliz, the house, from the outside, does not look any different from the other Spanish style abodes in this hip neighborhood. It was first built in 1925 and was just a standard LA house until 1959 when it was the scene of a gruesome murder-suicide. The house has sat vacant since then, now over 50 years, until just coming on the market last week.

Now the story….

In the early 1950s, a family by the name of Perelson moved into the property. Late at night on December 6th, 1959, the father (a doctor by the name of Harold Perelson) took a hammer and killed his wife Lillian while she slept. He then tried to do the same to his eldest daughter Judy, but she woke up and screamed. Judy ran into her parent’s room, saw her mother dead, and then ran outside still screaming. This woke the neighbors who came over to see what was the matter. They walked inside the house just as Dr. Harold Perelson was swallowing a handful of pills. He then walked up the stairs and laid down in his daughter Judy’s bed. He was dead before the police and paramedics arrived. Luckily, his other children, ages 11 and 13, were not physically harmed during the incident. It was never uncovered what lead the doctor to murder and suicide, but some speculated it may have been financial troubles.


Supposedly, the house has stayed untouched for 50 years, much of the Perelsons’ possessions still inside the residence in the same places they were on the tragic night in 1959. Others said that someone had moved in briefly after the Perelson’s left, but they moved out very quickly leaving their own belongings behind. Regardless, the property has got a wild history and not just any buyer would want a place with such a notorious past.

For more details on the murder and the ghost sightings at the property, please check out this prior article on the address’s full history.  

Currently on the market for $2.75 million, the property boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a library/study, a ballroom with a full bar.



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