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Miss HANNIBAL? You Can Own One Of The Original Props Now!

Are you still in mourning from the cancellation of Bryan Fuller’s top-notch NBC adaptation of HANNIBAL? Fret not! If you’re serious about the show, you can now own a piece of original memorabilia straight from the set of the acclaimed series!

The PropStore website currently has up to 1265 items up for auction, spanning all 3 seasons of the show.

Want one of Mads Mikkelsen’s three-piece Hannibal Lector suits? How ’bout his vinyl see-through kill suit? Maybe Will Graham’s FBI card or even a pair of his glasses? Or this incredible “Wendigo” Hannibal bust? They’re all up for bids!

Image from: PropStore
Image from: PropStore

The auction is now live and items will end starting April 4th through the 8th. Even if you think you won’t be able to afford anything on there, believe it or not, there are┬áplenty of inexpensive items to bid on if all you want is a genuine souvenir from the show.

Hit up the PropStore website now and see what you can snag!