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Five More Unreleased Horror Toys That We Still Want!

Last week, we shared with you a list of five horror toys that were planned but never ended up hitting shelves, including an action figure of Roger from the original DAWN OF THE DEAD and even one depicting Leatherface as he was seen in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3. There are a whole lot more unreleased toys where those came from, and for further reading on the subject you can click on over to our past articles about the doomed fourth series of SOTA’s “Now Playing” line, Mel Birnkrant’s MAXx FX line, and Hasbro’s wave of Transformers action figures inspired by iconic movie monsters.

By now you know the deal here, so let’s cut right to the good stuff!

Unreleased 1
In 1999, McFarlane Toys was set to release a BRIDE OF CHUCKY action figure set, which was to include Chucky, Tiffany and baby Glen (or is it Glenda?). An early test photo, seen above, was shown off around that time, but by the time the set actually came out, Glen had mysteriously been removed from it. Presumably, McFarlane either didn’t want to spoil the end of the film or just plain got cold feet about putting out a toy of a blood-covered, demon baby – and I suppose you can’t blame them, whatever the reasoning. Eventually, Glen got his own figure courtesy of NECA, though not in his newborn state.

Unreleased 2
At the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con, Gentle Giant unveiled this resin mini bust of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2’s beloved villain Chop Top, which measured 7 1/4″ tall. As you can see in the images above, two different versions of the bust were shown off at different times, one of which looked to feature real hair. Unfortunately, both variations were soon thereafter dropped from the company’s release schedule – though PART 2’s Leatherface did get his own bust. Thankfully for Chop Top fans, Mezco released his first ever action figure around the time Gentle Giant teased this bust, and NECA is soon going to be releasing a Chop Top toy of their own. So stay tuned for that.

Unreleased 3
A few years back, Mezco added the PSYCHO franchise to their popular Living Dead Dolls line with a set of Norman Bates and Marion Crane dolls, but the two toys weren’t the only thing they were planning on doing with the license. At the 2014 Toy Fair in New York City, Mezco had on display an impressive 14″ doll of Mrs. Bates’ corpse, which was comprised of a floppy, poseable cloth body and rotocast head, hands, and feet. The doll, which sat in a mini rocking chair at the event, was supposed to come out that summer, though despite being again shown off at the following year’s Toy Fair, it seems to have since been given the proverbial axe. Shame, cause she would’ve been a perfect companion piece to the aforementioned PSYCHO Living Dead Dolls.

Unreleased 4
The most universally beloved sequel in the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise is undoubtedly DREAM WARRIORS, and several years back, NECA teased the ultimate collectible for fans of that third installment. One of the most iconic scenes from the film is the one wherein Freddy comes to life as a puppet and then kills Phillip, turning him quite literally into a human puppet of his own, and at the 2010 Toy Fair, NECA showed off a marionette inspired by that scene. In fact, the puppet was cast from the same mold used in the film. Two years later, the collectible was again shown off, but to date it remains out of our grasp. At this point, it seems likely that NECA pulled the plug completely.

Unreleased 5
Despite his sordid past, Freddy Krueger became a kid-friendly icon in the 1980s, and the franchise (somewhat controversially) spawned all sorts of toys that were geared towards children – including a pull-string doll, a yo-yo, and a board game. The company LJN was responsible for several of those toys, and they also released a Freddy “Fright Squirter” as well as both Freddy and Jason “Spit Balls” – all of which allowed kids to squirt water out of the heads of their favorite killers. They planned on continuing the water sports with Freddy and Jason “Monster Squirters,” seen above in an image from an old vendor catalogue. It appears as if the Freddy squirt gun made it to the prototype stage, while Jason’s only reached the point of concept art. Unfortunately, neither toy ended up being produced.

Which of these would you most like to own? And can you think of any other unreleased toys that you still want? Let us know!