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The Gruesome Tale of Florida’s Bloody Bucket Bridge

In the little Florida town of Wauchula, there is a road that dates back over a 100 years known as Bloody Bucket Road. As you travel down that old road, you’ll come to Bloody Bucket Bridge, a small bridge across a narrow waterway that locals say has been known to run red with blood. Of course, it’s not publicly called Bloody Bucket Road on any map, but it’s a name that has stuck with the location for decades because of it’s ominous past.


As the story goes, an elderly now-freed slave woman and her husband settled in Wauchula, Florida right after the Civil War. There she became a mid-wife. Some say she did the horrible things she eventually did because she never really got over having her own children taken away from while a slave. It was also rumored that she was slowly losing her mind. Whatever the cause, she began suffocating and killing the babies she delivered just as they were being born. She would take the babies down to the river where she would bury their bodies along the bank, she would then walk to a nearby bridge where she would dump buckets of blood from the delivery into the water. Because no one could prove she was actually murdering the children and they weren’t just still-born, she was never arrested. Needless to say, after repeated deaths the locals stopped using her as a mid-wife. But she was rumored to have killed close to 100 children.


She spent the remainder of her days a mad woman living in the Florida swamps, screaming that she was haunted by the ghosts of the babies. She would sit in her home and listen to the cries of all the children that had perished by her hands. Next to her, she supposedly kept a bucket which would fill with a ghostly blood. Several times a day she would walk down the road carrying the bucket to the bridge where she would dump it into the water. And the rumor is that to this day, if you go down to the bridge during a full moon and look into the water, you will see that it runs red with blood. Just be warned that some say you can still hear the cries of children emanating from the woods.