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Flush! Five MORE Terrifying Toilet Deaths

They say that most household accidents happen in the bathroom, but in horror movies there’s no such thing as an “accident.” So when someone in a scary movie has their pants down, and is feeling particularly vulnerable, that’s usually exactly when an alien is about to attack them, or a monster is planning to bite their head off. Or worse. Oh yes, it gets much, much worse.

As we’ve already pointed out, there is a notable horror movie trope involving death by, or at least on the toilet. I suspect this may be because a lot of screenwriters do their best thinking whilst staring at a white wall for several minutes, but that may be neither here nor there.

And since Robert Galluzzo already took the time to showcase his five favorite toilet deaths, and since my own response was “he forgot practically all of my favorites,” I have emerged from the drainpipe with five toilet-centric movie murders of my own. Because I watched a whole bunch of people get murdered by a commode and at least some good needs to come out of that.

So let’s flush away a few minutes of our precious lives by taking a gander at five more terrifying toilet deaths. You’re welcome, internet!