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The 7 Coolest Horror DVD Collector Sets!

I don’t know about you, but as a horror fan, it is also inherent in me to be a hardcore horror collector. Naturally, there are the usual compulsions to find and purchase the rarest and hardest to find titles to add to my library. That grew to soundtracks, both CD and vinyl. And eventually action figures. I mean, when I was a kid, it was rare to be able to find and purchase a Freddy Krueger action figure! So the fact that just about every horror icon has been immortalized in plastic is a thing to celebrate.

But at the height of the DVD boom, studios got really creative with the packaging for their boxed sets. Pretty early on in the format’s infancy, I picked up a muti-region DVD player, solely so I could pick up some of the best import box sets. Anchor Bay UK was killing it with collections for SCANNERS, HOUSE, CHILDREN OF THE CORN and more. But here’s a few more that really went above and beyond what you’d expect from the traditional box set. And… also proved a challenge to find shelf space for.