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5 Unusual Antique Ouija Boards

Ouija, or spirit boards, have been around since the 19th century. Over the years, the board has taken on many different designs. Here are five you may have never seen before.

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Hudson Tuttle’s Psychograph

This is a dial-a-spirit invention made by Hudson Tuttle in the 1880’s. The wheel style planchettes were very popular during this time.

tuttle's psychograph
Courtesy of Brandon Hodge at


The Mitche Manitou Board

A 1920s version of the spirit board, despite “the mystic hand” planchette, this one closely resembles what would become the modern Ouija. From a collector’s standpoint, these vintage pre-Ouija boards are a great find. This model will set you back around $250.

Mitche Manitou
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The Spiritoscope was designed and made by Professor Robert Hare who was both scientist and spiritualist. Although he developed several varieties of spirit communicators, this one from 1855 was his most popular model.

Courtesy of Brandon Hodge at


Telepathic Spirit Communicator

This “spirit board in a box” was designed by W.T. Braham in 1900 and was very popular.  The planchette moves along a straight line as it points to letters.

telepathic spirit communicator
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The Ouija Table

For the serious Ouija’er, the table Ouija means you’re ready to throw down conversation with the dead anytime. This one is for sale on eBay.



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