The 13th Floor

WATCH The Terrors That Lurk Just Outside THE CLOSET!

For a brief period there, some of the most terrifying quickie horror shorts on the web came courtesy of filmmaker Drew Daywalt and his crew at Daywalt Fear Factory. Branching off from the filmmaking troupe known as Fewdio, Daywalt and a small group of friends would get together on weekends and shoot a horror idea, the equivalent of a weekly card game, only utilizing their talents instead to set up and execute a scare in the span of a few short minutes.

I was fortunate enough to get in on the fun and helped produce a handful of horror shorts for Daywalt Fear Factory back in 2010-2011. And one in particular that just hit its 5 year anniversary is THE CLOSET! Shot in one night back on October 24th of 2010, the short starred Brea Grant (HALLOWEEN II), Kaylee Score and Bonnie Aarons. Behind the scenes, it was just FX guru & co-producer Jeff Farley, Drew and myself. Brad James co-produced by letting us have a location to shoot in, and our resident writer here, Greg Burkart, did the score & music under the moniker of Corvo! A few months later in March of 2011, we debuted the following:

If you want to check out more of Daywalt Fear Factory’s shorts, be sure to hit up the You Tube page.

Below you’ll find a gallery with a handful of behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot of THE CLOSET!


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