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This Bizarre Naked Chimp Brawl Will Give You Instant Nightmares

It’s not every day you get to see (or write) a headline like that, so you might want to pay attention… but you also should consider carefully before watching the video below, especially if the idea of screeching, hulked-out naked apes with large fangs freaks you out.

Image Credit: Newsflare
Image Credit: Newsflare

The following footage — shot by a visitor to the primate exhibit at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, England last week — depicts father and son chimpanzees Jambo and Mongo, who suffer from a form of alopecia, a skin disorder which causes some or all of the hair to fall out. Commonly found to affect both apes and humans, this condition can often be hereditary, but in some cases it’s triggered by extreme stress.

Image Credit: Newsflare
Image Credit: Newsflare

It’s particularly dramatic to see it in chimps — who are more naturally muscular than even the strongest humans — and it makes them appear to be strangely human-like monsters. Chimps are only a few genetic steps away from humans as it is, and this condition spotlights that resemblance in a very creepy way.

The family squabble — which started for reasons unknown — eventually draws in most of the other chimps in the zoo enclosure, but fortunately none of the apes were seriously injured.


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