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Previewing The Upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot Toys!

The original GHOSTBUSTERS, released in 1984, paved the way for an animated series and toy line that are both as nostalgia-inducing and beloved as the film itself, and the fun thing about the reboot is that it’s primed and ready to do the same. While you may be older and less than amused by the idea of your favorite characters being replaced by new ones, you must keep in mind that the revival of the franchise is a wonderful thing for the kids of today, who will have their own ghost-busting heroes to look up to.

In addition to looking up to empowering female characters like Jillian Holtzmann, Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, and Patty Tolan, they’ll also be able to play with them, as a whole line of brand new GHOSTBUSTERS toys are headed our way around the time of the film’s release – July 15th, in case you haven’t yet marked it down on your calendar. Today we preview some of those upcoming toys, many of which provide little teasers for what we can expect to see in the movie itself.

So strap on your proton packs and let’s look ahead to the near future!

Ghostbusters 1

Mattel has for the last several years been releasing action figures based on the first two GHOSTBUSTERS films, and this year they give the 6″ treatment to the new cast of characters. Director Paul Feig recently showed off these prototypes of the company’s reboot offerings, which will put Erin, Abby, Patty, and Jillian on the toy shelf right next to Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon – where they belong, if you’re asking me. It’s expected that the Jillian figure will sell out immediately, but that’s only because I plan on buying every single one. She’s mine. ALL MINE.

Ghostbusters 2

In addition to Mattel’s line of toys – more on them in a minute – LEGO will be releasing a set of mini-figures based on the new film. Erin, Abby, Patty, and Jillian get the LEGO treatment in one set, which will include a buildable replica of the newly-designed ECTO-1 vehicle, a slew of accessories, and a mini-fig of villain Mayhem – at the time of writing this post, we haven’t actually met Mayhem yet. Another LEGO set will feature Chris Hemsworth’s character Kevin, along with his Ecto-2 motorcycle. The so-called “Go To Hell Kevin” set includes an alternate “evil” head, suggesting that Kevin will at some point become possessed – as we saw in the trailer, Abby suffers the same fate.

Ghostbusters 3
Image Credit: Pixel Dan

As shown off at Toy Fair last month, the 6″ Mattel action figures of the main cast will each include one part of a larger figure, and when all of the parts are put together, they form brand spankin’ new villain Rowan. Based on the iconic GHOSTBUSTERS logo, Rowan is apparently going to start out as a small, friendly ghost who eventually grows to become a Stay Puft-sized monster, and this figure gives us our first look at him. A light-up figure of winged villain Mayhem will also be included in Mattel’s toy line.

Ghostbusters 4

Fans of Funko’s massive line of POP! vinyl toys will be happy to learn that the new gang is getting the big-headed treatment this year, and you’ll be able to collect eight different figures. Included in the GHOSTBUSTERS line are human characters Patty, Jillian, Abby, Erin and Kevin, and they’ll be joined by ghosts Rowan (looking quite friendly) and Gertrude Eldridge – the latter villain was seen in the trailer, vomiting slime all over Erin. A boxed set featuring Jillian and the Ecto-1 will also be available.

Ghostbusters 5
Image Credit: Idle Hands

Another fun offering from Mattel are these Ecto Minis, which will be available in three-packs as well as individually wrapped blind bags. All of the main characters and several of the ghosts – including Slimer! – will get their own Ecto Minis, and the three-packs will come with exclusive figures that apparently won’t be found in the blind bags. Why are the figures of the ghosts translucent? There’s a good reason for that, and it’s not just because they’re, well, ghosts…

Ghostbusters 6
Image Credit: Idle Hands

As a kid, I had so much fun playing with the Proton Pack from THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS toy line, and it’s great to see that kids of today will soon be creating those same memories. Mattel’s Proton Pack is based on the new design seen in this summer’s movie, and it comes equipped with an incredibly fun little feature. Remember those Ecto Minis toys we just took a look at? Well, the translucent figures of the ghosts can be housed inside the gun you see above, which will project the characters onto any surface it’s pointed at. I may be 30 years old, but you better believe I’ll be playing with this bad boy.

Ghostbusters 7
Image Credit: Idle Hands


Mystery packaging is the name of the game for the Yubi’s Fingerines toy line, and the GHOSTBUSTERS characters join the line this summer. The small-scale finger puppets depict Abby, Erin, Jillian, Kevin, Patty, Rowan, Slimer, and Mayhem. As you can see, there will be two different Fingerines of Rowan, which really showcase the progression of the character from cheerful to pissed off. Will certainly be interesting to see how that whole thing plays out in the movie.

Which of these toys will you be picking up? Let us know!