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Meet the Staff: 10 Questions With Blumhouse Office Assistant Kevin Easley

Our ongoing series of interviews with the Blumhouse crew continues, in which we share our collective passion for all things scary, discuss our personal and career histories in the genre we all know and love, reveal our favorite films, and maybe even share a few spooky stories.

Today we sit down for a Q&A with Kevin Easely, Office Assistant for Blumhouse Productions!


How long have you been a horror fan, and what attracted you to the genre?

I’ve been a horror fan since I was a child. I would go to the neighborhood Blockbuster and choose a horror movie based on the cover artwork. During the summer, I had a pass that I could rent one movie a day. Instead of renting kid movies, I was up and down the horror aisles. Needless to say, I’m a sucker for amazing artwork. That’s how I came across Wes Craven’s SCREAM. The cover art was simple but it made me very curious to what the movie was about. Anyone can tell you how much I’m in love with this franchise. I watched it the first time and fell in love. I enjoy being scared and I love scaring people. It’s just pure fun to watch people scared out of their wits! Horror movies are fun and totally a thrill! I’m a thrill seeker so I love every moment, from the butterflies in the stomach to a fast-paced heartbeat.

What is your role at Blumhouse Productions? Can you tell us a little about your job?

I’m an Office Assistant at Blumhouse. I assist all departments around the office, ranging from covering desks to office-related tasks. I report to the Office Manager, and also help out with our awesome internship program. The thing I love most about a position like this is that you’re exposed to all departments and you’re gaining knowledge of most, if not all, aspects of the industry, which isn’t bad at all.

What is your career background, training, school, etc?

I’m from Philadelphia. I went to grade school and high school in Philadelphia, then decided to branch out and do my undergraduate at Clarion University, located in Western Pennsylvania. For two years, I studied Biology/Chemistry/Physics before changing over to Mass Media Arts & Journalism, with a focus in Film. I wanted to be a Cardiac Surgeon but I found writing and movies were more my deal. My senior year of college, I took a Screenwriting class that was so amazing that I wanted to know more about the craft. I applied to graduate programs in Los Angeles and moved across the country to obtain my MFA in Screenwriting at the New York Film Academy – LA campus. During graduate school, I took a class called, Writing for TV I, where you had to write a half-hour and one-hour drama. After taking that class, I decided to do a tv series for my thesis, and thus, found a passion for television writing.

What/who is your favorite monster and why?

Freddy Krueger! He’s hilariously vulgar and I love it! #NoFilter

Freddy Krueger

What is your weapon of choice?

Definitely a machete. I could slice my way out of anything. Inspiration from Mr. Voorhees.

List five of your favorite horror films.

THE FOG (1980)

What was the first horror movie you ever saw, and what was your reaction?

I remember like it was yesterday. THE EXORCIST. It’s a lot to take in when you’re just a kid. Three of the creepiest moments for me: her head doing a 360, the devilish voice, and the power of christ compels you: levitation scene. I couldn’t sleep in my room alone for a while. It just wasn’t my jam.

Describe one of your favorite Halloween costumes that you’ve worn.

I would say the Gingerbread Man costume that I wore to the Blumhouse Halloween Party last year but that was more comical than scary. I’m going to say my Ghostface costume was my favorite….which I wore for like four years straight.


Name one horror celebrity, dead or alive, you would love to meet, and tell us why.

I would have loved to meet Wes Craven. The first move I saw of his was SCREAM. I fell in love with the movie and him. After watching SCREAM, I checked out other brilliant films, THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Craven is one of the reasons why I love horror so much. The nature of reality is what attracted me to Craven. I tend to gear towards that nature in my writing because it’s so intriguing.

Please recommend a recent horror film that you saw and really enjoyed?

John Carpenter’s CHRISTINE. The music gives me chills every time I watch. Also, there’s something fascinating and creepy about a vehicle that has a mind of its own. Public transportation sounds really good right about now…