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Does Kentucky have its Own Portal to Hell?

If you’re looking for the portal to hell, then I’ve got great news for you. You don’t have to travel to dark real at the ends of the Earth. You just need to stop by a little dive bar called Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, Kentucky. There you’ll find a little hole in the wall bar with a great big hole in its basement that some say goes straight to hell.

The story of Bobby Mackey’s gateway to hell began well before Bobby Mackey’s Music World opened for business. Back in 1850, the bar served as the location for a slaughter house. During that time, a deep well in the ground acted as a pit where workers would discard the guts and bones of slaughtered cows. The slaughter house closed in the 1890s and then sat abandoned  for many years. During that time, it is believed that Satanists moved on to the property and conducted human sacrifices. The remains of their victims were then dumped down the same well as the cows.

In 1896, the body of Pearl Bryan was found near the old slaughter house; she had been decapitated. Pearl was discovered to be pregnant. It was later discovered that her boyfriend had attempted an abortion on Pearl. The abortion had failed, killing Pearl in the process. He boyfriend then proceeded to decapitate her in an attempt to deceive the police.


The building continued to remain abandoned until the 1920s during Prohibition. It was then turned into an illegal speakeasy and casino, during which the building saw a far share of violence. Then by 1950, the site became the home of a club known as The Latin Quarter. There a young singer by the name of Johanna Jewel became pregnant by a fellow lounge singer Robert Randall. Once Johanna’s father found out, he became enraged. He demanded that Johanna kill her lover. Johanna did what her pops asked and poisoned the singer. She then poisoned herself in the basement of the club… right next to the hole.

Bobby Mackey opened his music hall in 1978. Since then, employees and patrons have experienced some very strange occurrences.  Several have reported phantom footsteps walking the stairs to the basement, possibly spirits coming up from the still exposed well.




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