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Chilling Footage Reportedly Captures Paranormal Activity in Missouri Museum

The Clay County Historical Museum in Liberty, Missouri seems like the ideal site to hunt for ghosts and other paranormal phenomena: the landmark building, built in the 1950s, once housed the offices of Dr. William H. Goodson, and it’s likely that many seriously ill people passed through its doors back in the day.

Image Credit: KSHB News
Image Credit: KSHB News

Now, according to a report from local news station KSHB, a team of paranormal investigators have come forward with what they believe to be concrete evidence of ghost activity on the premises.

The Northland Paranormal Society recently sent a team to spend a night in the museum, which they saw as the perfect spot to test their newly acquired detection equipment, which included infrared cameras and EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) meters.

Image Credit: KSHB News
Image Credit: KSHB News

“We used 12 DVR cameras and over a mile of wire,” NPS member Bill Moore told KSHB News. “With the listening devices and the things we can’t see, it brought it all out.”

After recording throughout a December night, the team them spent the subsequent months sorting through the videos, audio recordings and other data, and came up with what they believe to be 80 examples of paranormal activity — from a hazy humanoid form they identified as a half-naked woman (see below), to a semi-transparent male figure that can be seen passing in front of a window (see top of this article).

Image Credit: KSHB News
Image Credit: KSHB News

Other clips revealed white orbs in an otherwise completely dark room (the team kept all lights off during testing), and audio recordings were found to contain distinct voices, one of which can be heard saying “Goodson… That’s Doc Goodson.”

Chery Holtman, president of the museum, says the paranormal reports could interest a whole new generation of people in local history, and welcomes skeptics to find out for themselves.

“We’ve heard too much and seen too much to not believe in it,” Holtman said.


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