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“EyeBorg” Filmmaker Shoots Video Footage With His Bionic Eye

The future is now! Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence has turned what most people would see as a disability into an opportunity: an accident at age nine caused him to shoot his eye out, but now, as an adult, Rob Spence has replaced his prosthetic eye with a teeny tiny camera.

Spence calls himself an EyeBorg, and he worked with ocularist Phil Bowen and engineer Kosta Grammatis in creating the technology. His eye camera looks like a regular prosthetic eye… but with the push of a button, it can be turned on and transmits everything it sees to a handheld monitor.

Unfortunately, the tech is still a little bit behind the idea. Spence can only film with the camera for two or three minutes before it gets too hot and has to be removed. He hopes that in the next few months, a new camera will be able to film for hours.

Spence envisions using the camera for “film projects with an emotional subject.” Personally, I would like to see this new technology used for a remake of PEEPING TOM… or a found-footage project similar to the “Eye See You” segment from V/H/S/2: