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Check Out the Ultra-Creepy New Trailer for THE DARKNESS!

Not long ago, we promised you more sinister surprises in the run-up to the May 13 premiere of THE DARKNESS, the supernatural epic from WOLF CREEK director Greg McLean… and today we’ve got a brand new trailer for you, which expands on the ominous supernatural elements hinted at in trailer footage from last month:

THE DARKNESS revolves around the Taylor family, including dad Kevin Bacon and mom Radha Mitchell, whose vacation at the Grand Canyon sets off a horrific chain of supernatural events when their young autistic son (David Mazouz) stumbles across an ancient Anasazi ritual chamber… and innocently brings back something that threatens to destroy them all.

Like what you see? Check out some exclusive stills from the film, plus more at the movie’s official Facebook page, and be sure to follow @BHTilt on Twitter and Instagram (hashtag #FearTheDarkness).


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