The 13th Floor

Take a Look at the Real Life Dracula’s Castle!

Welcome to Bran Castle! This cheery abode is the actual inspiration for the castle that Bram Stoker used in his legendary novel DRACULA. Situated in Romania on the Transylvanian border, Stoker was deeply effected by the castle’s vast corridors, dark dungeon, and gothic towers so much so that he made it the home of the ultimate blood-sucking fiend.


The castle is now open for tours, and apparently was recently up for sale, selling for the modest price of $135 million dollars. The castle was originally built during the 14th century, and according to rumor, Vlad the Impaler, who was also an inspiration for Dracula, spent some time locked up in the castle’s dungeon.


The castle boasts 57 rooms, but does not have any plumbing or bathrooms. I guess creatures of the night are cool with outhouses.