The 13th Floor


The TV series MILLENNIUM (1996-1999) has always been Chris Carter’s redheaded stepchild next to THE X-FILES, but MILLENNIUM fans are no less devoted than X-Philes.  Since 2008, a group called “Back to Frank Black” has been waging an online campaign for the return of actor Lance Henriksen to the role of criminal profiler Frank Black, calling for closure to the hastily-cancelled series.

When audiences last saw Frank (in a season seven episode of THE X-FILES) he was wrestling zombies on New Year’s Eve 2000.  Suffice it to say the arrival of the dreaded new millennium was anticlimactic, and fans were left to wonder what really happened to Frank, his daughter Jordan, and the increasingly mysterious Millennium Group.

In light of the success of the new X-FILES miniseries, calls for closure are perhaps louder than ever.  Chris Carter has said he’s game.  Lance Henriksen has said he’s game.  Now it’s all up to the executives at Fox.  No doubt they’re wondering if a 20-year-old show will resonate with today’s viewers.  Will a story born out of Y2K angst be relevant to 21st century millennials?   Perhaps even more troubling: Since each new season of MILLENNIUM had a distinctly different focus, what storylines and characters should be resurrected?  Here are a few ideas from a hopeful fan about how to reboot the series…