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HBO Documentary BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN Investigates the Web’s Scariest Legend

If you’ve been keeping up with our regular creepypasta coverage, you’re probably quite familiar with the most recognizable, most notorious creepypasta character of all time: that faceless figure from your nightmares commonly known as The Slender Man.

We first mentioned Slender in an in-depth creepypasta feature on our site’s official launch last October, and while we assumed even then that most of you already knew about him — hence the article’s title, The Ten Creepiest Creepypastas (That Aren’t Slender Man) — we can’t discuss the impact of internet myths and legends without a nod to the man, himself.

Now, award-winning filmmaker and Oscar nominee Irene Taylor Brodsky has tackled the legend, the phenomenon and the horrific reality behind this sinister character in the new HBO-produced documentary BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN, which makes its world premiere this week at the South By Southwest Film Festival.

The film will explore the brief but earth-shaking history of the Slender Man tale, beginning with its origins in 2009 as an altered photograph on the site Something Awful, its evolution through fiction and media, and its tragic influence on a real-life crime which took place in May of 2014 (which we also explored in our creepypasta overview… seriously, read it).

HBO recently unveiled this haunting poster art for BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN in the run-up to the SXSW premiere this Friday, March 11. The film will air on HBO’s online platforms shortly afterward.