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Check Out This Footage Of The “Wolf” PREDATOR From AVP: REQUIEM

One of the cool things about the emergence and growth of YouTube is the access it gives us horror fans to some of the amazing creature creation work that goes on behind-the-scenes of some of our favorite franchises. A lot of FX houses have embraced the media and relished in sharing their personal videos. Studio ADI in particular has been very open and candid with their work via their You Tube channel, whether it be about the gags that didn’t make it to screen in THE THING prequel, or Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. personally addressing the criticisms of the Deadpool designs for X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, it’s always fun to see what they’ll show us next.

And this week, it’s all about the PREDATOR. Hot on the teaser news that the next Shane Black directed sequel is coming sooner than we’d all thought, Studio ADI have uploaded a new video featuring the “Wolf” Predator, as portrayed by Ian Whyte (PROMETHEUS) in ALIEN VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM. In the footage is the first time that directors Greg and Colin Strause first see this PREDATOR design in the flesh, as well as some raw behind-the-scenes footage during the shoot.

As a bonus, here’s another video from a few years back going through the entire lengthy process it takes to “dress a PREDATOR.”

Getting this kind of access is always a treat for a fan such as myself. I could watch hours of this sort of stuff! And if you too want to fall down the rabbit hole, you can subscribe and check out a handful of videos on the Studio ADI You Tube page right here. Or keep tabs on their official website as well. Happy hunting!