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Car Trouble? Better Check Under the Hood for Giant Snakes!

A farmer in Zimbabwe has been dealing with a rather unusual problem recently: it seems a gigantic African rock python really wants to be his pal… and try as he might, he just can’t seem to get rid of the enormous and clingy reptile.

According to CNN, it all started when Ben Mostert and his family first moved into their house in Karoi; the previous owner told him that a large python had been seen on the premises, and may have been responsible for the disappearance of several lambs on their farm. Ben and his family moved in anyway, and didn’t think much about it… until the day their cat disappeared.

Image Credit: Ben Mostert
Image Credit: Ben Mostert

Finally, Mostert found the mega-snake huddling in their chicken coop, whereupon he captured it and took it to a river four miles away, where he thought it might enjoy the environment more… but it wasn’t long before the snake came back, this time slithering into the family car.

The video below — which has recently gone viral — picks up the story, as Mostert and a friend attempt to extract the massive creature from its hiding place on the car’s engine block… much to the horror of Mostert’s family.

Rock pythons are a protected species in Zimbabwe, so Mostert’s only legal option is to try and relocate the snake again… and hope that it doesn’t hold a grudge.