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“Zombie Snake” Attacks a Horrified Chef… 16 HOURS After It’s Dead

Warning: the footage you’re about to see is not for the squeamish.

YouTube user Jacob Hall recently posted the following video, entitled “The Slithering Dead,” which begins with a shock in its first seconds, then gets even creepier.

The footage, as described in the post, depicts a clinically dead rattlesnake that has been skinned and gutted prior to cooking, and has reportedly been dead for 16 hours… until it suddenly seems to spring to life.

This is actually not an uncommon phenomenon, based on the reflexive motor response of a snake’s nervous system… but according to Hall, this kind of activity is more often the result of salt or other strong seasonings causing an “ionic response” to the motor neurons, which can trigger a full-body muscle contraction.

The narrator of the clip, presumably the chef preparing the snake for cooking, reveals the interior of the animal to show that it is indeed lacking any internal organs, and could not possibly be alive in the scientific sense… we hope.