The 13th Floor

Five Awesome ’80s Toys in Tommy Jarvis’ Bedroom!

Originally played by Corey Feldman in FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER, young Tommy Jarvis is unquestionably one of the most beloved characters in franchise horror history, and the reason us horror fans love him so much is because, well, he’s totally one of us. As we learn in the film, Tommy is a big fan of monsters who fancies himself a young Tom Savini, but did you know that he’s also way into INDIANA JONES, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, and DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS?

How do I know this? Because I’ve spent a whole lot of time in Tommy’s bedroom.

There are three relatively brief scenes in THE FINAL CHAPTER that take place in the young monster lover’s sanctuary, and if you pay close attention, you can spot a handful of ’80s toys lining his shelves. The toys are glimpsed so quickly that you can need to ride your DVD player’s pause button to really get a good look at them, but I’ve gone ahead and done all the legwork so you don’t have to.

Without further adieu, let’s pay a virtual visit to Tommy Jarvis’ bedroom!

1) In the top left-hand corner of the first image you’ll notice a red vehicle on Tommy’s shelf, which is from the POWER LORDS line of toys. Released in 1983 by a company called Revell, the POWER LORDS were extra-terrestrial warriors led by Adam Power, who is seen riding the so-called Power Ship in the image above. The shield on the front of the vehicle popped up to reveal a laser cannon underneath, and as you can see, the Power Ship in Tommy’s bedroom is ready to fire on alien creatures.

2) On the very same shelf is another vehicle, this one from another line that was also launched in 1983. It’s called the Demon Flyer, and it came courtesy of the DRAGONRIDERS OF THE STYX toy line. Living up to its name, the flying vehicle was made in the likeness of Satan himself, and the vehicle came complete with an action figure to ride around in it. It appears that Tommy lost the rider somewhere along the way, though I suppose it’s always possible that Jason stole him. Would you really put it past him?

3) Seen on the shelf beneath the aforementioned vehicles are two action figures from the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS toy line. First up is Dragonne, a dragon/lion hybrid with razor sharp claws, giant fangs, and powerful wings. Beside the winged creature is Hook Horror, a bipedal, subterranean monster with the head of a vulture, a humanoid body, and two nasty hooks in the place of hands. Both characters are described as neither good nor evil, despite their outward appearances.

4) Right next to a vintage pair of “Slinky Crazy Eyes” on the same shelf as the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS figures is a toy that is sure to be instantly recognizable to all MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE fans. Yup, that’d be Ram-Man, a heroic warrior who uses his head like a battering ram. The figure had a spring-loaded body, enabling kids to replicate the character’s devastating signature move.

On the top shelf in the second image of Tommy’s bedroom you’ll also see a classic He-Man figure from the same Mattel toy line. Visions of Tommy making the two fight are dancing in my head right now, and those visions are making me pretty damn happy.

5) This last toy is very hard to spot, but if you look real closely, you’ll see him on the shelf below He-Man in the second image of Tommy’s bedroom. From Kenner’s ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES line, released in 1982, that’s Tommy’s very own action figure of the Cairo Swordsman, a character made famous in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. In the film, the swordsman attempts to engage Indy in a hand-to-hand battle, but Jones is having none of it. When the swordsman pulls out his sword, Indy pulls out his gun, and humorously makes quick work of him. One of Tommy’s favorite scenes, I can only assume.

You’re the coolest, Tommy Jarvis. Because you’re just like us.