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Chinese Village Terrorized by an Unknown Bloodsucking Creature

Since late last month, authorities in the Chinese village of Pudong have been desperately searching for a mystery predator which has been killing hundreds of chickens, ducks, rabbits and other animals on local farms, and feeding on their blood.

According to South China Morning Post, poultry farmers in the region — which is dangerously close to heavily-populated Shanghai — are becoming desperate as their chickens and other livestock are being stalked nightly by the unknown creature, which tends to bite its victims in a single spot and subsequently bleeds them to death.

According to news site, the only clue police have to go on is a single footprint in the mud: a four-toed track which is roughly the size of a child’s hand.

Some locals theorize that the predator is an escaped animal from nearby Shanghai Wild Animal Park, but officials deny that claim, saying that all animals in that park are present and accounted for.

The search continues, with villagers taking more elaborate steps to trap and/or kill the creature in the act… but so far, no one has even seen it.


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