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6 More Horror Movies We Hope Come To Blu-Ray Soon

A few days back, we looked at 6 horror titles that have yet to make a debut here in America on Blu-Ray. Yesterday, we looked at 6 foreign horror classics, and today I’ve got 6 more genre movies that I’d love to see get the high def/special edition treatment.

At this point, the major studios don’t feel the need to capitalize on their library titles because physical media, by their standards, is dead. Meaning, unless it sells the type of numbers that the latest AVENGERS or HUNGER GAMES movies do, it’s just not worth it to them. Thankfully, the collector’s market is still thriving as there will always be plenty of people that still want to have their own physical home library, so smaller labels such as Scream Factory, Twilight Time, Arrow US, etc. are licensing these titles and catering to our needs.

Our faithful readers have been extremely passionate on our social media posts for the previous two pieces, so once again to clarify, I’m specifically referencing movies that haven’t been commercially released on Blu-Ray in Region A in the United States. I personally don’t have an all-region Blu-Ray player. (I do have a 3-D player though!) And the average American doesn’t either. All titles I’ve mentioned are not easily accessible in our home video market, and the main reason for that is usually who holds the licensing rights. It gets complicated. But this is all just for fun anyways, so let’s take a look at 6 more horror movies we hope will get a proper Blu-Ray release in the future.


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