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6 Foreign Horror Movies We Want On Blu-Ray

Yesterday, we looked at 6 classic horror titles that, for whatever reason, have not made the upgrade to Blu-Ray, at least commercially here in the States. Cultivating that list of movies managed to get me thinking about a lot of other deserving flicks that still haven’t been given the proper high def / special edition treatment.

This time, let’s look at some foreign horror. Sometimes, some of the most innovative, unique and interesting storytelling in the genre has come from other countries. At the height of the DVD boom, we had Tartan Extreme DVD importing over some of the best ultra violent and hyper stylized movies from the Asian market including the “Vengeance” trilogy from Park Chan-wook. For a brief time there, Dimension Films extended to their “Dimension Extreme” sub-label to bring some of the crazy gory terrors coming out of the French-Extremist movement.

And while the usual suspects over at Scream Factory, Synapse Films, Severin and beyond have been doing the devil’s work by providing us with amazing restorations of some of our favorite cult classics, I wish one of them would step up and dive head first into the foreign horror pool. Here are 6 foreign horror movies that we absolutely need on Blu-Ray.