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6 Horror Titles We Need On Blu-Ray

We live in glorious times, my friends. At this point, with the advent of the Blu-Ray format, giant high def, 3-D TVs, quality speakers, etc. – it’s fairly common to have a home set-up that rivals that of your local movie theater. And for the most part, all of our favorite horror classics have been restored and remastered for Blu-Ray.

Now we’re at the point where even the hardest-to-find cult favorites are making their way to Blu-Ray, thanks to so many specialty labels such as Scream Factory, Synapse Films, Severin Films, Grindhouse Releasing, Code Red DVD and so many more. In the last week alone, I have amassed a pile in my living room which consists of PIECES, THE MUTILATOR and Dario Argento’s TENEBRAE. In high freakin’ def! Isn’t that amazing?

But alas, with the vastness of studio catalogs, there are always a few titles that slip through the cracks and never get that proper upgrade. Here are 6 horror titles that someone needs to step up and license for proper Blu-Ray releases, because we need them!