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The Ten Most Haunted Places in India

Set in India, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR sees American mother Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies) desperate to reconnect with the son who died in a tragic accident. Of course, the only way to do this is through a haunted Hindu temple, and it wouldn’t be a movie if things didn’t go horribly, horribly wrong.

In honor of this release, we have compiled ten real-life haunted locations in India you can visit. Just don’t open the door…


Bhangarh Fort

Widely known as one of the most haunted places in all of India [and previously featured in our list of Ten Terrifying Haunted Sites You May Not Have Heard Of], Bhangarh Fort does not allow visitors after dark, for fear of all the supernatural happenings. As legend has it, a wizard fell in love with the princess who lived within the fort walls. He tried to trick her into falling in love with him, but she found out and killed him. Before he died, the wizard placed a black magic curse on the fort. The spirits of those who died in and around the fort are said to be trapped there, preventing the living from entering past dark.


Dumas Beach

Once a Hindu burial ground, it is said that tormented souls wander the beach after sunset. Some people say that, when you are alone on the beach, voices will whisper to you.


The Lambi Dehar Mines

Operational until 1996, some people say that a mysterious ailment or accident wiped out all the mine workers, and those who lived in the surrounding areas. Others believe that a witch now resides within the mines, causing freak accidents and strange deaths to those who dare set foot inside. The witch’s screams can be heard through the mostly-deserted surroundings, but they stop abruptly when you approach the mine.


Raj Kiran Hotel

There is one room in the Raj Kiran hotel which is said to be so haunted that the hotel staff will no longer rent it out. A ghost is supposed to have moved into this room, and when it finds a strange human there, the ghost will throw a temper tantrum: flying sheets, moving furniture, erratic electricity, strange noises, foul smells. Some guests have even reported being slapped by an unseen force.


Baralacha La

This mountain pass in the Zanskar range of the Himalayas was once a military post. In bad weather, those stationed there could be trapped for weeks. One particularly bad winter saw a trio of soldiers trapped there for two months. When military vehicles finally reached them, they found a stranger in the cabin, eating one of the soldiers. The other two soldiers were in pieces; all had been half-eaten. The cannibal tried to attack the recovery team, and he was shot dead. Soldiers who were posted there after would hear strange whispers, see a man with a knife, or hear the pained screams of the soldiers being eaten. Motorists would occasionally claim to see a man chasing their vehicles with a knife, or see bloodied soldiers calling for help. When they would pull over to help the soldiers, they disappeared.


Agrasen Ki Baoli

This ancient step-well system is thought to have been built in the 1300s – possibly earlier. It is said that the waters in this well were always pitch-black, and the waters would whisper to people who sat near the well alone, urging them to drown themselves. The well no longer contains water.


Delhi Cantt

There is said to be a ghostly woman in white that haunts this road late at night. It is said that she tries to hitch a ride from passing motorists. Those who give her a ride are never seen again. If a car passes her by, she will chase them until they leave the Delhi Cantt area. There are two different stories for who this woman is. One version has her as a young woman who was raped and murdered and left on the side of the road. Another story says the woman found her husband was cheating on her. In a fit of rage she killed her two children, then herself. Her ghost is trying to find her way home.



Legend has it that Salim Singh, the minister of the state of Jaisalmer, fell in love with a beautiful girl who lived in the village of Kuldhara. He wanted to marry her and threatened the locals if he was denied. The villagers were frightened of this man, so they and the residents of 84 neighboring villages – about 1500 people – left in the middle of the night, never to return again. It is said that they cursed the land as they left, promising death to anyone who tries to inhabit it. Kuldhara has remained empty for over 200 years. Delhi’s Paranormal Society sent a team to spend the night here and record what they found, which included mysterious shadows, children’s handprints on their cars, haunting voices, ghostly touches, and sudden temperature changes.


The Kundanbagh Witches’ Lair

A thief broke into a two-story building, only to discover three murdered women inside. Police say that the women had been dead for at least three months, but neighbors swore that they saw the women walking around just days before the bodies were found. It was said that the women used to hang bottles of blood on the porch, light candles at all hours of the night, and scare people away with axes.


Dedh Lakh Ghar

This house was built over forty years, and was the most expensive property in the area for that time. The original owner’s wife died of a heart attack in the house. Heartbroken, he left. Two separate families moved in at different times; both suffered suicides in the house. The house has stood empty ever since. Locals are frightened of the house, often claiming to hear a woman crying.


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