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The Disturbing Story of Wisconsin’s Boy Scout Lane

 The Boy Scouts of America were founded in 1910,with the goal of building better citizens, developing character, and teaching self-reliance through camping, wearing yellow ascots, and tying knots. Since then, they have become the subject line in many an urban legend. This scary, supposedly true scout tale takes place in Stevens Point, Wisconsin at a place aptly named Boy Scout Lane.


A simple gravel path only 2,500 feet long hides a dark tale many decades old. The story varies from person to person, but most agree that it took place in the 1950s. It was a crisp fall day when a group of Scouts and their Scoutmaster went for a camping trip along the gravel path. They made their way halfway down the road before deciding to set up camp in a clearing just a few yards into the woods. As they built their fire and got ready for their evening meal, there was nothing to suggest what was about to happen when night fell.


The next morning the Scoutmaster awoke to discover his camp deserted. The tents that once housed his scouts standing empty next to the smoldering fire. The Scoutmaster ran through the woods calling out for his scouts by name, but got no reply. After an hour of this, the Scoutmaster ran to a nearby farm where he called the police. The police arrived and found no evidence of foul play. They also found that all of the campers left behind their camping gear. If they were somewhere in the woods, they wouldn’t be able to survive for long.

The search continued on for weeks, but with a brutal Wisconsin winter approaching, their chances of finding the scouts alive diminished. As the snows blanketed the road, townsfolk wrote the troupe off as dead. To this day, the question still remains, why did they leave the safety of their campsite in the middle of the night? And why did they take off without any of their lifesaving gear?

 Travelers down that country road claim to hear the sound of children running through the woods. Others claim that at night you can hear the whispers of children emanating from the darkness. No longer cutting through public land, Boy Scout Lane is flanked on either side by private property keeping the public safe from whatever might be lurking in the woods.



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