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Six Awesome CHILD’S PLAY Chucky Toys Coming Soon From Mezco

It’s been nearly 30 years – 28, to be exact – since we met killer doll Chucky in the original CHILD’S PLAY, and the franchise is still going strong to this day. Two direct sequels followed in the early ’90s, and series creator Don Mancini subsequently gave the pint-sized terror a wife in 1998, and a son in 2004. Going direct-to-video in 2013, CURSE OF CHUCKY got the franchise back on track, tying all continuities together and wonderfully reminding why we all fell in love with the foul-mouthed doll in the first place.

Soon, Chucky will again return in CHILD’S PLAY 7.

While we wait for the next installment in the franchise, today we wanted to look ahead not at the film but rather at a handful of upcoming CHILD’S PLAY toys that Mezco will soon be stocking our shelves with. All of these are set for release before 2016 comes to a close, and we’re hoping that once the calendar switches over to 2017, we’ll be able to play with them while watching Chucky’s return to the screen.

So let’s look ahead to the near future, shall we?

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