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Five Things to Note About THE WALKING DEAD, Episode 611: “Knots Untie”

In last night’s episode, Jesus convinces Rick and his crew to come visit his community, the Hilltop. The Hilltop’s smarmy leader, Gregory, meets with Maggie but they can’t come to terms on a trade deal. Several Hilltoppers come back from a failed meeting with the Saviors group, with a violent message from the Savior’s leader, Negan.

Rick’s group realizes that they have one very important thing to trade: their fighting skills. They will kill Negan and the Saviors, in exchange for half of the Hilltop’s bounty.


Here are five notes on what went down, and how:

Carl Finds Out

Of all the ways to find out that your father is sleeping with a member of your group, having an intruder tell you he is “waiting for your mom and dad to get dressed” is just a few rungs better than walking in on them. At the moment when Rick and Michonne come out of their bedroom and find Carl in the hallway, you can almost see Rick trying to decide which is worse: a potentially dangerous intruder, or your teenage son finding out you are having sex.


Gregory is just icky. Even though he never comes right out and propositions Maggie, you get the sense that when he wants the Alexandria folks to “work” for their trade items, sex is most definitely on the table (or on the bed, or on the wherever). Hell, it’s even expected. I loved Gregory in the comic books; I think I am going to love him on the television show. He’s just one of those creepy-weird-gross guys who slides by under the radar most of the time.


One More Thing

When Maggie makes her deal with Gregory (her group will kill Negan and the Saviors in exchange for half of the Hilltop’s supplies), she asks for one more thing. We never hear what she asks, but if you have read the comics, you know. And if you haven’t, I’m going to tell you: she wants to stay at the Hilltop. They have an obstetrician there, and despite the fact that Gregory looks like he could rape her at any second, she is more concerned with the health of her fetus than in her own wellbeing.


His biological clock is ticking. He realizes what he has with Rosita is fun, but he is in love with Sasha – could even see himself “settling down” with her. Then when he sees a photo of Maggie’s ultrasound, he gets a big, dopey, wistful smile on his face. He wants kids, but he wants them with Sasha, despite what he told Glenn earlier.


In the sloppiest, most uncomfortable exchange, Abraham asks Glenn if he and Maggie were trying to get pregnant. But instead of asking like a normal adult would, he makes some ridiculous breakfast metaphor: when Glenn poured his “Bisquick,” was he intending on making “pancakes?” This exchange made me very uncomfortable.