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Does This Security Footage Reveal a Mini-Monster on the Move?

A very odd piece of video popped up on YouTube February 17, and since then it’s generated a fair share of online buzz, pulling in nearly 100,000 views as of this writing.

The footage, which is purported to be shot directly from a security camera monitor in the city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, seems to depict a strange object or creature shuffling slowly across an abandoned city street after dark, in the district of Kayapınar Diclekent on February 12.

YouTube user Taşo Öz, who posted the clip, suggests the eerie figure could be an alien, a shape-shifting monster, or even a djinn (a demon from Islamic folklore). He also mentions that other cameras in the same neighborhood captured the same image, but that could not be verified.

Several users have weighed in on the footage, many of whom believe it to be a half-deflated balloon drifting in a breeze, while others suggest it’s actually being controlled by a drone copter. Others jokingly claimed it to be Koksal Baba, a diminutive Turkish celebrity.


But seriously, folks… what the hell is this thing?